Foodie Pharmacology is a science podcast built for the food curious. Join American ethnobotanist Dr. Cassandra Quave on this adventure through history, medicine, cuisine and molecules as she explores the amazing pharmacology of our foods! 

Now in Season 3 and available wherever you stream your podcasts! New episodes release every Monday!

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Praise for Foodie Pharmacology

“Professor Cassandra Quave brings quality Science to the public. She covers a wide range of topics in-depth in a seemingly effortless way. Learn from a passionate researcher, and be inspired!” – Ina on Apple Podcasts Reviews

“You are what you eat — and what you listen to. Dr. Quave combines science with food, culture and history in this enjoyable, educational podcast.” — Carol on Facebook Page Reviews 

“We have needed this podcast for a long time. Dr. Quave’s willingness to share her knowledge of plant usage and history make these podcasts interesting and helpful. The interviews from around the world are always loaded with information. Waiting on a new episode every week.”  — Alan on Apple Podcasts Reviews 

“Great podcast about favorite foods! If you love food, you will love this podcast! Dr. Quave makes the science behind the food approachable and easy to understand. Love it!” — Liz on Apple Podcasts Reviews  

“Dr Quave is amazingly informative. I could listen to her talk all day. And thanks to these podcasts I can! Thank you!” — Wendy on Facebook Page Reviews 

“Fascinating and entertaining! Dr. Quave is not just one of the foremost experts on the subject, she is also an incredibly gifted teacher and storyteller. I highly recommend Foodie Pharmacology to anyone with any interest in the subject.” — John on Facebook Page Reviews 

“Dr. Quave is a brilliant scientist and storyteller, which makes this program both entertaining and accessible!” — Ernest on Facebook Page Reviews 

“Dr. Quave is my go to source for all things Ethnobotany. Her new podcast is a great way to learn about plants and their many uses, ranging from food to medicine and so much more. I can’t wait for the newest episode!” — John Paul on Apple Podcast Reviews