We've launched our crowdfunding campaign for an Ethnobotany Expedition in the Balkans

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I'm so excited to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign with the help of the Emory University Momentum Platform! We will be undertaking an expedition across the mountains of Albania and Kosovo with an international team of research experts and graduate students from the Balkans. We need to raise $10,000 to support the full research team as we document, collect, and study wild plants used by locals as food and medicine or sold into trade as dietary supplement ingredients.
Please share our campaign page link (http://momentum.emory.edu/Quave) with your networks and make a donation to this project. Every bit helps! All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of funds go directly to the research mission.

Expedition Has – June 2022

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Support us this summer on expedition in the rugged mountains of the Balkans! The Quave Research Group and Emory University Herbarium is joining forces with an expert team of eight research partners from Italy, Kosovo, UK, Spain, and USA to undertake a research mission to study medicinal plants from the high montane Has region across the Albanian and Kosovar border! We need to raise $10,000 to make this expedition possible. Learn more about the expedition and made a donation at https://momentum.emory.edu/
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This region is the rock garden of Europe—there’s a lot of mountain. Local people collect wild plants from the mountains for use as food and medicine throughout the year. Like billions of people across the globe, here, plants serve as the main source of medicine. Wild plants are also collected as part of an expansive trade network, and are sold down the mountains eventually ending up as ingredients in dietary supplements and personal care products in Europe, the US, and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold. First, we plan to document and collect samples of plants being used by local people as medicine so that they can be studied in the lab to determine their safety and efficacy. This approach can also lead to the discovery of bioactive molecules from plants that may be developed into new life-saving therapies! Second, we plan to investigate the trade of wild medicinal plants to determine if endangered and toxic species are being sold.
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Benefits to Local Stakeholders

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We anticipate the following benefits to local stakeholders: 1) Graduate students from the Balkans will gain intensive research training experience in line with our research capacity building mission in the region; 2) Knowledge gained from the project will be returned to local communities in an accessible format of their choice; and 3) Our research findings will be used to make recommendations on the wild harvest of medicinal plants in the region, fostering sustainable pathways for economic development.

Stay Informed

No matter the donation level, every bit helps! We’ll keep donors apprised of our progress through regular videos, photos, and short blog posts on our research progress. We're so excited to share this scientific journey with you!
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