Ethnobotany and the Role of Plant Natural Products in Antibiotic Drug Discovery

chem reviews
Our mega review paper written by the #QuaveLab team on plant-derived antimicrobial compounds is now available in fully open access format on PubMed! It's been out for one year in Chemical Reviews, and already cited in other research papers 31 times!! Our hope is that it will prove useful to a wide variety of scientists working in the antibiotics and natural products space. You can access and read the full article here.

New publication on antibacterial compounds active against MRSA

Mammea B/BA Isolated From the Seeds of Mammea americana L. (Calophyllaceae) is a Potent Inhibitor of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

I was thrilled to see this exciting work out with our collaborators from Colombia! Yina, the first author on this paper, joined our lab for a visiting scholar training period as she worked towards isolation and testing of these interesting molecules. You can access the full paper via open access here.

Ph.D. Student Cate Risener wins GCA Award!

Join me in congratulating #Emory PhD Candidate Caitlin Risener on being awarded The Garden Club of America 2022 Anne S. Chatham Fellowship in Medicinal Botany for her project entitled "Activity of a Traditional Medicinal Plant Species against SARS-CoV-2"! We're very proud of you, Cate!

Cultivating Place Podcast

cultivating place
I was thrilled to chat with Jennifer Jewell on the Cultivating Place podcast! You can check out the show notes and listen to the episode for free here.

New on Foodie Pharmacology:

Technically Food with Larissa Zimberoff

technically food
This week, we take a closer look at how technological innovations are changing the landscape of the foods we eat. Not so many years ago, eating a veggie burger was a rather dull, mushy experience. Yet, today, you can find plant-based foods in the meat section of the grocery store that actually make a convincing pass at the flavor and texture of everything from ground meat to chicken nuggets! These techie foods are made with an assortment of plant-derived proteins and flavors… but just how healthy are they for humans and the planet? I speak with Larissa Zimberoff, author of the new book “Technically Food: Inside Silicon Valley’s Mission to Change What We Eat.” You can follow Larissa’s work at her Website, or on social media at Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.

The Whole Health Cure Podcast

whole health cure
It was such a pleasure to speak with Dr. Sharon Bergquist on The Whole Health Cure Podcast! This podcast is brought to you by Emory Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness. Listen on your favorite podcast streaming service or access here.

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