Happy holidays from the

Quave Research Group!

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Happy holidays from the Quave Research Group!! I can’t fully express just how wonderful it was to gather together again and celebrate with delicious food and plenty of laughs with gift exchange! The research group includes a mix of scientists at different stages of training, from undergraduate students to graduate students, post-docs and senior science staff.

We also shared a huge gratitude to the scientists across the globe that have made this holiday gathering possible through their research on vaccines and diagnostic tools! Here, all of us are vaccinated against COVID-19 and all took a lateral flow test at the party before removing masks.

This week, I spoke with Prof. Joseph Sirven on the "What's Health Got to Do with It?" podcast! My interview begins around 40 min. into the show.

Educational Video (1)
Our sensory experience with the aromas of foods greatly influences the experience of eating. Certain smells and tastes are particular to different cultures because of the plants they use in their cuisine – either locally grown or harvested – or acquired via trade routes. Spices can be particularly important to the taste experience because of their rich content in volatile organic plant compounds. In this video mini-lesson [6 minutes], I share information on the key definitions and taste perceptions of spices.

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