Natural Healing

Harvesting wild capers with Giusseppe Farina on the island of Pantelleria, Italy. These were brought back to his home, where he ferments them in a salt brine until ready for measurement and sale. Photo credit: Marco Caputo.

I speak with host Jonathan Bastian on KCRW about the amazing medicinal potential of plants and my global search for natural compounds — long known to traditional healers — that could help save us from the looming crisis of untreatable superbugs.

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Wild Plants and the Food-Medicine Continuum

Aerial photo of the village of Ginestra, located in Basilicata province, Italy. Photo credit: Antonello Fiore.

I write about my first field research season in southern Italy, where I first learned about the deep connections between food and medicine in this blog post with the Herbal History Research Network.


I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends exploring Savannah, GA and the surrounding countryside. I came across this marker of the Bartram trail on a walk at Wormsloe Historic Site! William Bartram was a botanist, naturalist, ornithologist, and explorer who traveled this region in the late 1700s. The trail commemorates his travels through GA, NC and SC.

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