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Black-eyed Susans: More than just pretty flowers!

The genus Rudbeckia A critical review of its traditional medicinal uses, phytochemistry, and pharmacology
Who loves to admire the beauty of black-eyed Susans? These gorgeous members of the genus Rudbeckia, in the Asteraceae (daisy) family have so much more to offer though than ornamental value! Many members of this genus have an extensive history in traditional medicine. In our latest paper from the Quave lab, we provide a critical review of the traditional uses, phytochemistry, and pharmacology of this genus. The full text is available via open access until 2/19/2022 at this link

This week: Join me in Saint Augustine, FL on January 13th!

I'll be speaking in the Evenings at Whitney Lecture Series on January 13th. This free lecture will be presented at the UF Whitney Laboratory Lohman Auditorium, 9505 Ocean Shore Boulevard, in St. Augustine. Those interested will also have the option of registering to watch via Zoom live the night of the lecture. Visit this website for event information for in-person or virtual attendance. Book signing to follow the talk!

Dr. Quave's Interview on "The People's Pharmacy"

I was thrilled to speak with Joe and Theresa Graedon on their hit show "The People's Pharmacy"! Our episode aired on NPR last week and is now available for download and listening HERE.

New on Foodie Pharmacology: Fresh Banana Leaves with Jessica Hernandez

Book Cover
Human health and the sustainability of our global food systems are both intimately linked to the health of planet Earth. But, with the rise of climate change, our world is less healthy than ever before. Despite the undeniable fact that Indigenous communities are among the most affected by climate devastation, Indigenous science is nowhere to be found in mainstream environmental policy or discourse. We have so much to learn from Indigenous holistic land, water and forest management. This week, we’re joined by Indigenous environmental scientist, Dr. Jessica Hernandez, who breaks down why Western conservationism isn’t working and offers Indigenous perspectives on this critical issue. Jessica is author of a new book, Fresh Banana Leaves: Healing Indigenous Landscapes through Indigenous Science. Read more about her work at https://www.jessicabhernandez.com/ or follow her on Twitter @doctora_nature

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